Recent Before & After Photos

Antique dresser

This dresser was damaged in a fire. The fire was a strange one because there was minimal structural damage to the house, yet it was a total loss. It was an elec... READ MORE

Carpet cleaning of old carpet

This carpet was installed in this office space over 20 years ago. To the current tenants knowledge, this is the first time it has ever been cleaned. We advised ... READ MORE

Nicotine residue

This painting was brought in to us covered in decades of nicotine and cigarette smoke residue. It was a sentimental piece for the family and they were really ho... READ MORE

Cedar chest before/after

"This piece was given to my grandmother and grandfather for their wedding present. It was given to me years before my grandma passed away and I thought it was l... READ MORE

Ceramic Tile

This ceramic tile is located in an area that receives very heavy foot traffic. This is the first time after being installed for a few years that it was cleaned.... READ MORE


We often get calls to clean homes and apartments that have been smoked in. It never ceases to amaze us how much nicotine builds up on walls, cupboards, and as y... READ MORE

Church Organ

This was part of a church organ that had extensive soot damage.

Soot stained floor

This floor was in the utility room where a furnace malfunctioned. It was stained with soot before our SERVPRO crew was able to get it cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning Watertown NY

This carpet was very worn with extremely heavy traffic areas. It had been cleaned before but "they couldn't get half the stuff out that you guys did!"