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What To Do When Sewage Backs Up Into a Bathtub

9/24/2018 (Permalink)

Flood damage in a Fort Drum, NY office

If water backs up into your bathtub when you flush the toilet, you are likely dealing with a blocked sewer line. You may be able to resolve a bathtub backup on your own using a plunger or auger. If the sewer backup is serious or flooding is occurring, you should call a plumber as soon as possible.

1. Identify Where the Blockage Originates

The best way to identify whether the stoppage causing a backup is on your side or in the city sewage lines or main is to check the sewer drain cleanout. If standing water is present or the cleanout is full, the sewer backup likely originates in the city main or lines. Contact the city utility provider and try to mitigate the problem in your home. If the cleanout is dry, the blockage is between the cleanout and your house. Take measures to clear the clog or contact a plumber.

2. Block the Tub Drain and Use a Plunger or Auger

If the blockage is on your side, you may want to try to clear it. Cover the tub drain to prevent sewage from rising up while you plunge or use an auger. This can increase the amount of pressure and help to clear the obstruction. You can also use a cleanout fitting with the auger to attempt to work your way through the obstruction.

3. Call a Plumber

If you cannot clear the backup on your own and you know that it is in your lines, you should contact a plumber. Avoid making the problem worse while you wait for service.

You may be able to clear a minor bathtub backup in your home in Fort Drum,NY on your own. If you are dealing with a severe sewer backup or flooding, you should rely on the expertise and specialized equipment of plumbing and sewer damage restoration professionals.

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