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How to Keep Your Family Safe After Flood Damage to Your Watertown Home

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How to Keep Your Family Safe After Flood Damage to Your Watertown Home We work with licensed electricians to ensure water did not damage the wiring in your home.

Protecting Your Family Members after Flood Damage Affects Your Residence in Watertown 

Flooded areas contain many dangers, including hidden ones. Driving through Watertown can take residents into low-lying areas that leave roads submerged. When this happens, gauging the actual depth of the water can prove challenging. Driving into such areas can make your car or truck stall and leave you stranded.

Inside your Watertown home, flood damage also includes several dangers that can cause injury. After the water drains from your home and exposes sharp points and jagged, broken pieces of glass and other materials, you can easily avoid them. We wear heavy gloves as part of our personal protective equipment (PPE), reducing the risks of handling such debris. Other dangers are not as obvious.

Flood waters bring sand and other soils into your house which can harbor an assortment of pathogens. Just as these can cause health effects, the possibility of similar problems also comes from chemical residues. We regain control over the presence of pathogens and other organic matter through our use of different biocidal agents and sanitizing cleansers. However, these work best on things where these chemicals can make contact with surfaces. Copious amounts of organic matter neutralize the effects of quaternary compounds, which makes it crucial that we rid surfaces of any silt and grime that can contain organic matter before we apply any disinfectant.

Electrical outlets that went underwater during the flood become hazardous to use, but others that seem safe because they never became wet can also cause fires if you use them. When an appliance draws current through the lines, corroded circuits between the socket you are using and the main breaker box can rapidly overheat. We work with licensed electricians who understand the needs of your flood-damaged home.

The presence of water for an extended period can also leave floors weak, even when no visible sagging exists. Floors do not need to feel soft, either, to let someone fall through and sustain injuries. SERVPRO technicians can check the moisture content and determine if building specialists need to inspect the structure further. We want to find the safest blend of saving you money and ensuring a safe environment inside your home, both during our time restoring and as part of the final results.

SERVPRO of Jefferson County covers homes in Alexandria Bay, Adams, and Sackets Harbor. Call us at (315) 777-8377 for flood damage mitigation and restoration of your property.

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You Can Reach Our Professionals 24/7 If Your Watertown Home Experiences A Water Damage Emergency

6/8/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage You Can Reach Our Professionals 24/7 If Your Watertown Home Experiences A Water Damage Emergency Contact our 24/7 emergency response team at (315) 777-8377 to begin the process of preserving your memories.

Don't Let A Leak Destroy Your Family Photos In Your Watertown Home. Call SERVPRO!

It might be difficult to believe, but a pipe that leaks overnight can quickly result in a water damage disaster for you and your home. If you wake up after a long night's sleep to find your office covered in water, then you need professional assistance. Water can quickly destroy your prized paper photo albums and can even damage digital copies of photos stored on affected electronics.

SERVPRO can be your first line of defense against losing your pictures. Our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians are experienced in minimizing water damage in your Watertown home to both electronic and paper media. We can arrive at your home and plug the source of the spillage to prevent further damages and can remove the standing water from your floors with wet vacs and pumps. Dehumidifiers can then be deployed to remove excess moisture from inside your office, which can prevent further condensation on papers and electronics.

Paper is difficult to preserve in cases of water damage. Photos must be frozen and dried through sublimation where moisture is frozen and is then allowed to escape the paper as a gas. Electronic media can be removed from areas containing spillage and can be wiped down to help mitigate further water damage. Additionally, SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians (WRT) can seal electronics in bags to prevent further condensation on electronic surfaces. This can help preserve your electronics for specialized electronics repair workers. SERVPRO can help recommend repair services for your electrical equipment as we cannot repair physical, electronic hardware or salvage digital data.

Your personal photos are important records of your favorite life experiences, and they shouldn't be permanently damaged from a single negative life experience. SERVPRO of Jefferson County can help preserve your media in instances of water damage. Contact our 24/7 emergency response team at (315) 777-8377 to begin the process of preserving your memories.

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Commercial Fire Damage Gurus In Watertown Talk About Restoring Artwork

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Fire Damage Gurus In Watertown Talk About Restoring Artwork Will you let smoke damage in your building out shine your artwork? Call SERVPRO.

Will fire damage be your new showpiece?

If a fire ever takes place inside or near your Watertown art gallery, then several problems could arise. Even if something burns in a retail unit next to you, your business could still suffer from extensive commercial fire damage. Being in the art gallery business your company's contents and products are the most valuable things in the store and are the heart and soul of your livelihood. Things getting damaged inside your building can be costly to repair so professional restoration companies like SERVPRO can prove to be beneficial. Our team knows that when dealing with commercial fire damage keeping the cost of restoration low is essential.

When working in art galleries, our SERVPRO experts know that replacing ruined pieces of artwork can get very costly. Because of this, whenever we handle commercial projects with fire damage in Watertown, we do whatever we can to clean and restore items instead of discarding and replacing them. Pieces of art can be easily flammable and can often be used as fuel if a fire takes place. Even if the fire is not inside your place of business, your building materials and contents can still get negatively affected. Heat and smoke can both cause minor problems that can be fixed when you call in a professional restoration company like SERVPRO.

We know that it is always more affordable to clean and restore an item than it is to replace it. When dealing with artwork, pieces can sometimes be very valuable. Valuable art requires an art restoration expert more commonly known as a conservator. If expensive artwork inside your gallery gets affected, then we can call in a conservator to help bring those high-end pieces back to perfection.

If you have pieces of art that are low-cost, then we can restore them using methods designed for the more delicate contents. For example, soft brushing or low-pressure airbrushing techniques can work well without disturbing the surface of the piece of art. If your art gallery ever suffers from issues related to fire or smoke, call SERVPRO of Jefferson County at (315) 777-8377 any day of the week.

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We Work To Prepare Your Watertown Home For Repair And Build Back

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Work To Prepare Your Watertown Home For Repair And Build Back We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the necessary equipment, expertise and experience.

Repairing Fire Damage to Your Watertown Home

Fire loss effects come in many levels of severity and importance in recovering your Watertown residence. While every symptom must get addressed to restore and recover any property after a fire emergency fully, the order of these restorative acts and when specific equipment gets used is something that varies from home to home. With so many hazardous obstacles to overcome once first responders and firefighters have left the scene, it is imperative to trust in the experience and the advanced equipment and technology of our team.

We understand how detrimental fire damage can be to your Watertown home, especially from a structural standpoint. We strive to provide every customer with a comprehensive approach to returning their property to preloss condition. This process almost always begins with a thorough assessment of the damage and fire debris removal overseen by our contracting division. These licensed professionals within our SERVPRO team can ensure that the right precautions get taken to protect undamaged areas of your house and work to help expedite repairs and renovations after mitigation completes.

Part of the advantage of choosing a team that can offer both build back and full restoration of your property after a fire is the seamless transition between these phases. Other companies have customers seek out their own contractors and leave them at the mercy of wildly fluctuating schedules and unreliability. Not only can this draw out the recovery of the property, but multiple contractors and teams almost always mean a heftier price tag at the end of the labor.

We work to prepare your fire damaged structure for the repair and build back that the home needs after a fire loss incident. Our SERVPRO professionals use controlled demolition techniques to only remove the damaged portions of materials, further saving our customers time and money on the reconstruction to follow.

We know the importance of offering every customer a fast path to the full recovery of their home after a fire. You can always count on the extensive training and expertise of our SERVPRO of Jefferson County restoration technicians and contractors to make all fire loss effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (315) 777-8377.

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SERVPRO Will Develop The Right Plan To Restore Your Watertown Home After Flood Damage

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Will Develop The Right Plan To Restore Your Watertown Home After Flood Damage The flooring in this home was covered in water damage. We responded and put air movers in place for quick drying to prevent future damages.

Proper Scoping Before Fixing Flood Damage in Watertown is Crucial

It can be very disheartening to see your home swamped by floodwaters considering the structural damage and soiling that accompanies such incidents. Your first idea could be to save whatever you can to minimize financial or sentimental loss. However, scoping the damage first is more important even when it seems like a waste of time. We are IICRC certified in flood damage restoration and can, therefore, help evaluate and document the damage in your Watertown property.

After an incident of flood damage in Watertown, many insurers expect you to take every step possible to prevent further damages from occurring. Without proper scoping, it is impossible to establish all likely sources of secondary damage. Depending on how the flood damage happens, there might be windows smashed by debris if the incident involved strong winds or holes in the roof in case of falling tree branches from lightning strikes. Our SERVPRO technicians help pinpoint such problems take corrective measures such as boarding up or installing roof tarps. We also take photos to document these steps for your insurer.

Whether rising water flows into the property or openings in roofs and walls allow rainwater in, it rarely sits in one location where you can extract it easily. Absorption by various materials as well as gravity action leads to migration to different sections of the property. If you do not check the level of migration, you might leave traces that can cause problems in the future. Our SERVPRO technicians use different equipment to scope water migration. We use moisture sensors to check for wet materials or moisture meters to tell the level of wetness. We also use FLIR thermal cameras to find wet areas behind walls or floor materials.

Flood damage soils materials and causes other forms of physical deterioration including damaging finishes such as paint. Scoping can help establish the kinds of damage allowing better planning for the restoration. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on their extensive experience handling similar cases to determine the essential steps.

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Call SERVPRO of Jefferson County to help scope the damage and device the right response plan. You can reach us at (315) 777-8377 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Everyone Ought to Know About Commercial Flood Damage Remediation in Watertown

4/20/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial What Everyone Ought to Know About Commercial Flood Damage Remediation in Watertown When flood damage affects your office, it is time to contact SERVPRO for water removal & remediation services. We are available 24/7 365 days a year.

Commercial Flood Damage Control for Watertown Businesses

Being just a bit inland from Lake Ontario puts Watertown at greater risk for flooding than many other cities and towns in our state. Rain and snow storms can come rolling in with little warning, and local businesses can find themselves with closed doors and no production until the owner removes the water and its effects.

Commercial flood damage to Watertown business requires not just water removal, but quick drying of the structure and contents as well. SERVPRO response teams know that even a small amount of moisture can ruin inventory in a light industrial building, such as an electronics assembly plant.

Even after removing the flood water, a high level of moisture remains in the structure. The increased air moisture content (high humidity) can cause the same damage as floodwaters getting into something, just at a slower rate. That is why our technicians immediately install dehumidifiers after finishing up with the pumps and other water extraction devices.

Since drying components by hand is a risky method at best, SERVPRO specialists use these devices to pull water from the surrounding air. The action speeds up the natural evaporation process and dries the electronics without needing to touch them. To increase the evaporation rate, team members can also place exhaust fans to pull the damp air from inside the facility.

They can further reduce the drying time by using air movers. Specialists adjust the speed and temperature of the airflow to help quickly force water off of delicate surfaces without causing secondary damage to the components. The action pushes it into the air where it is captured and removed by either the dehumidifiers or exhaust fans.

At SERVPRO of Jefferson County, our goal is to help every business reopen its doors. We understand that your customers have a choice when it comes to suppliers, and missing even one day’s worth of production can result in losing a valuable sale. If your business is in this situation, or you want to prepare now for the next storm, call us at (315) 777-8377 today to schedule a service call. We are here for you.

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Don't Let Watertown Flooding Dampen Your Day

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Don't Let Watertown Flooding Dampen Your Day From snowmelt to rain, flooding is a year-round worry for Watertown residents.

Time Efficient Drying for Watertown Homes with Flood Damage

In the restoration industry, they are different approaches to flooding informed by the type of water that enters the property. The sliding scale of contamination in water runs from clean water to grey water, to black water. Blackwater emergencies contain levels of contamination that could include animal carcasses, raw sewage or other pathogens. Typically a black water emergency is caused by backed up sewer points or road overflow.

After heavy rainfall, the likelihood of requiring professional assistance to deal with flood damage in Watertown dramatically increases. SERVPRO offers highly trained technicians with the correct licenses and qualifications to restore your home to its preloss condition. We equip our technicians with the correct PPE equipment as well as critical water extraction units to help remove, dry and restore the property.

All types of flooding emergency require a thorough assessment of the type of water in the property. Microbes that reside in moisture, as well as the home, can cause the impact of flooding to become increasingly severe. Failure to remove clean water promptly can cause it to become grey or black water.

The primary means of removing standing water is through vacuuming, heating, and pumping. We tackle standing water above two inches by placing submersible gas powered pumps into the affected zone. These pumps shift gallons of water along a hose to an open sewer point and are the fastest method. However, once standing water levels drop below two inches extraction units are a requirement to remove the remaining moisture.

Clearing away large quantities can be done quickly; however, fabrics, carpets or furnishings become water-logged. SERVPRO technicians are experts at drawing moisture from porous surfaces. Since moisture moves from wet to dry, we can remove water from hard flooring and soft furnishing by controlling the humidity. Using desiccant dehumidifiers, our technicians can lower humidity below 40PGG which raises moisture from saturated surfaces.

Drying your home after a flood needs to be done in a time efficient manner to limit losses, contact SERVPRO of Jefferson County at (315) 777-8377 to arrange service.

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Time-tested Ways to Water Removal in Waretown

4/7/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Time-tested Ways to Water Removal in Waretown If your home has been affected by an ice dam and has resulting water damage, call our SERVPRO team for water removal as well as minor roof fixes.

The Dangers of Ice Damming for Your Watertown Residence

With the winter seasons that Watertown residents become accustomed to experiencing, many provisions get made to protect homes against the potential hazards winter weather presents. While snowfall becomes heavy and can put a great strain on roofs, this is not the most immediately threatening situation that occurs in this area of your house. Snow beginning to melt and freezing again along the eaves and edges of your roof create literal dams that prevent melting snow from escaping. Without an ability to move away, this dam continues to increase in size and tests the mettle of your roof as it holds higher volumes of water and ice than it gets built to withstand.

While you cannot predict or plan for the possibility of the damage that this can do to your home, ice dams often lead to penetration of the shingles and backing and require professional water removal in Watertown. Our SERVPRO professionals can help to understand the full extent of this damage and possible flooding scenario and arrive with the equipment and personnel that can help quickly.

With flooding and excess water in areas like your attic or coming through the ceiling, getting professional assistance immediately can begin mitigation work to protect your home and its occupants from considerable loss. Our certified professionals have effective mitigation tactics that can seal up penetration points in the roof temporarily until reconstruction and repair can begin.

Our SERVPRO technicians inside can work to remove the water effectively with high-powered gas pumps and portable electric sump pump extractors. Removing the pooling water helps to reduce penetration into construction materials and structural elements, and can also reduce the need for excessive demolition and reconstruction.

While you cannot account for when ice damming would occur on your roof, our SERVPRO of Jefferson County rapid response team can help you remove the water and clean up the mess whenever it happens. Our experienced professionals are available 24/7 by calling (315) 777-8377.

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Fort Drum Venues Benefit from Mitigated Flood Damage with SERVPRO's Help

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Fort Drum Venues Benefit from Mitigated Flood Damage with SERVPRO's Help SERVPRO Keeps the Projector Rolling with Fast Cleanup of Theaters and Other Commercial Property after a Flood in the Fort Drum Area

Fast Extraction for Flooding in a Fort Drum Theater

While you might not have events that take place in your Fort Drum theater every day, the facility needs to be kept in top form when possible. The historic building has survived many harsh weather systems and storm damages that have occurred over the years, and it provides a place where art-minded residents can convene to appreciate theater productions. Whenever torrential rainfall occurs over many days, flooding can occur that can pour quickly through areas like the lobby and make their way down the natural grade to the stage area.

When disasters like these cause flood damage in your Fort Drum theater, you need a fast-acting team with the equipment to make a difference quickly. With the right response to the emergency, our professionals can often limit the spread of this damaging water throughout the building, reducing the affected area and helping to make later restoration efforts efficient and more cost-effective.

Part of the effective approach that our SERVPRO team has for flood water removal and drying efforts relies on our advanced technology and equipment. Extraction is a vital component to protecting original materials from getting saturated by floodwaters spreading, and we have many tools that can work to contain the damage and prepare the theater for the drying efforts to come. Often portable sump pumps and gas-powered trash pumps are sufficient for removal. For excessive volumes of floodwater, we also roll out from our facility with an extractor truck for high-powered extraction of widely affected areas.

It is important to remove this excess water as quickly as possible because saturation can occur quickly with many of the exposed materials. Drying tools like our high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers can treat large areas contending with moisture. By removing the dampness lingering in the environment and affected materials, our SERVPRO professionals can limit the secondary effects like mold growth as well.

One of the priorities that you have as a theater owner is getting the facility back open to those that need it and enjoy its productions. Seating padding and fabrics can be challenging to dry and sanitize. We have specialized hand wands that can generally restore these seats to preloss condition.

To do this as efficiently and effectively as possible, you should trust in the fast response and expertise of our SERVPRO of Jefferson County water restoration specialists. Give us a call anytime at (315) 777-8377.

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Fast Action Is Vital When Your Adams Home Experiences Storm Damage

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Fast Action Is Vital When Your Adams Home Experiences Storm Damage Our SERVPRO of Jefferson County rapid response team is available 24/7 by calling (315) 777-8377.

Fast Extraction Can Protect Other Areas Of Your Adams Home

Whenever substantial water loss incidents affect your Adams home, you need assurance that the right professionals can respond quickly to get the excess water out. The faster that professionals like ours can reach your home, the better able our team is to protect other areas of your home that have not yet become exposed to the spreading floodwater. It is important to act quickly at the first sign of an emergency to secure these services and get vital mitigation work started.

While many potential issues could arise once flood damage has begun in your Adams residence, the right response to the situation can help to prevent unexposed areas from getting drawn into the later demolition and reconstruction efforts that your home needs. With fast extraction and drying equipment that arrives with our responding SERVPRO team, we can work to limit the spread of floodwater through other areas of your property.

Part of this ability comes from our rapid response to emergencies. Our professionals remain available for all emergencies and disaster relief efforts 24/7, which is why we can say that We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. From the time that our technicians arrive at your home, we can do a quick but thorough assessment of the current damage and begin setting up the necessary equipment for extraction efforts to start.

We have many machines and tools that can help. From truck-mounted pumps on our production trucks that can pull 300 psi to specialized equipment like our extraction wands and weighted ROVER extraction for carpeted areas of your home, we can remove this hazard from your property promptly.

The best way that any homeowner can protect their property and limit the cost of restoration when facing a flood is to respond quickly to the situation. Our SERVPRO of Jefferson County rapid response team is available 24/7 by calling (315) 777-8377.

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