Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Moldy Wall Damage

This wall suffered from mold damage.  SERVPRO responded with cleaning solutions and techniques to remove the mold.  The wall was cut out on both sides and replaced with new clean drywall. 

Mold found in bathroom closet

Mold can hide in many places, the bathroom linen closet is one of those places. This mold was hiding in an unused closet in the bathroom. We were ale to remove it and restore the closet quickly.

Mold in bathroom

Remediating mold is a job for the professionals. SERVPRO of Jefferson County are trained experts in mold remediation. If you find mold in your Watertown home be sure to call the professionals at SERVPRO to help. 

Moldy Commercial Wall

Mold was found growing on the interior wall.  SERVPRO responded and followed special cleaning techniques to treat the area safely.  The mold was cut out to treat and replaced with new drywall. 

Mold ceiling damage

Mold can grow anywhere moisture or water is present.  This commercial building suffered from mold damage on the ceiling after flooding.  SERVPRO has technicians trained in mold remediation for your mold cleaning needs. 

Mold On Chair

Our team was called to a home to handle the cleanup and repair after a severe mold loss. Among the contents that were damaged by mold was this chair. We were able to restore the home and this chair.