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Ultimate Solution for Commercial Flood Damage in Watertown

3/10/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Ultimate Solution for Commercial Flood Damage in Watertown When your shop is facing flooding and roof damage after a storm, contact SERVPRO for remediation efforts. Call right away for best results!

Roof Reconstruction After Flooding in Your Watertown Shop

Severe weather could take different forms to cause damage to your Watertown building housing your small shop. With heavy snowfall that does not melt off quickly, roofs can begin to weaken under the excessive weight and become vulnerable to water penetration. Once this occurs, water can flow through these penetration points unabated during torrential rainfall situations where steady runoff occurs. The result is flooding of your building that begins through the ceiling material and eventually works its way to the main floor of your shop over a brief period.

While you might not know that your Watertown shop is at risk for flood damage until this situation is well underway, knowing what to do at the first sign of flood damage is critical to keeping your stock and your building safe from excessive ruin and later reconstruction. You need professionals that can respond quickly to the emergency to help slow the spread of the water and restore the damage fully, and our SERVPRO rapid response team can help.

One of the first steps that our technicians must take when we arrive at your damaged building is to do what is necessary to stop the penetrating water from continuing to flow through the roof vulnerabilities. These points can often get sealed over with emergency board up and tarping services. This process can allow our team to get to work on extraction and drying efforts that can protect many of the saturated and exposed materials from tear out and replacement.

Roof repair is something that must occur to restore your building fully following the extraction and drying of the exposed areas. Our licensed contractors can inspect the damage to the roof and determine the best course of action to repairing it or replacing it according to your wishes or that of your insurance provider.

Roof damage can allow for flooding to occur quickly to your small shop under the right conditions. Our SERVPRO of Jefferson County rapid response team has the skilled contracting team and certified restoration specialists to help with every step of returning it to preloss conditions. Give us a call today at (315) 777-8377.

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Use SERVPRO's Expertise to Succeed With Watertown Flood Damage Remediation

2/24/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Use SERVPRO's Expertise to Succeed With Watertown Flood Damage Remediation Flooding can affect the area and enter your home. Many times the floodwaters have unsafe debris and PPE must be utilized. Contact team SERVPRO.

Why SERVPRO Technicians Use PPE for Flood Damage Cleanup in Watertown

When an area in Watertown goes underwater, even for a short time, the environment changes. Microbes flourish, chemicals from roadways saturate the ground, and debris gets littered everywhere, tangled in landscaping and other outside structures. The area becomes a place of risk, and extra precautions need to be in place to protect anyone entering.

Such dangers are why SERVPRO specialists wear special gear when mitigating homes that sustain flood damage in Watertown. Personal protective equipment or PPE keep our employees safe from the dangers of microbes and other possible harm. Microbes can cause many different health effects and debris can contain these and other dangers. Sharp glass, metal, and wood can puncture the skin, but our PPE drastically minimizes the possibility.

Our PPE makes it possible for us to work in dirty environments, and efficiently clean everything up, so your family never needs to face these same dangers. The equipment we use to clean up your home, get it dry again, and then restore it are also practical and efficient.

Flooding brings in water that quickly saturates everything, but a good percentage of this water quickly turns to water vapor and spreads. Your upper floors also require the use of desiccant machines. We run these during the majority of our work, so they quickly trap any moisture that travels upward. Pumping out any standing water happens much more rapidly than allowing the water to drain away naturally. Contacting us gets sandbags placed around your property's perimeter so pumping can commence.

Tearing out ruined, waterlogged walls leaves the studs behind, and we test these to ensure they still meet minimum standards. Our PPE continues to protect us during this stage, as well, from nails and other sharp objects. Carpeting is notorious for its tacks, and it only takes one to cause a small but painful injury. Our gloves keep this from happening to us. To prevent similar incidents from happening after your family returns, we thoroughly vacuum all floors to remove such dangers.

Paying attention to the details that matter most, SERVPRO of Jefferson County is always available to help make things “Like it never even happened” for you, safely, and efficiently. When you find your Carthage or Adams property mired in flood damage, call us at (315) 777-8377.

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Watertown Flooding? SERVPRO Says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Watertown Flooding? SERVPRO Says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster SERVPRO Suggests to All Watertown Area Homeowners--Make Sure You Have Flood Insurance Coverage

How to Get Fast Flood Removal Services for Your Watertown Home

Regardless of the season or time of year, Watertown residents understand that flooding is a distinct possibility that they should remain mindful to avoid. While you cannot change the weather patterns or their severity, there are steps and precautionary measures that can get taken to reduce the impact of these disasters on the property. Also, you can put a plan in place to contact professional disaster recovery technicians like ours whenever these emergencies occur that threaten your home.

Securing professional assistance for flood removal and other restoration for your Watertown home is vital in the earliest stages of exposure for your property. While you cannot prevent the occurrence entirely, our SERVPRO team can help by offering real-time mitigation solutions that can protect the things that matter the most to you. For this reason, the contents department of our team can earmark items for safe removal from your home to protect them from further damage.

Flood removal often refers to the extraction of flood water, and this is something that you should not attempt to do on your own. As a Category 3 loss incident, floodwaters can contain bacteria, chemicals, sewage, and other contaminants that can be hazardous to your health when exposed. Our professionals have gotten extensively trained in the use of personal protective equipment and have the tools to quickly extract this water from your home using truck-mounted pumps, gas-powered pumps, and extraction wands.

Debris removal and demolition is often another phase of this initial restoration, as it can help to provide a safe and clean environment for our technicians and anyone else that might enter the home once the work has begun. The efficient approach of our SERVPRO team is deliberate to ensure that you do not stay displaced from your home any longer than is necessary to restore the damage the flood has caused.

Recovering from a flood in your home is something that homeowners do not have the resources to do on their own. Our SERVPRO of Jefferson County rapid response team is standing by 24/7 to help amid the emergencies that could threaten your property. Give us a call at (315) 777-8377.

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Our Advanced Equipment And Techniques Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Fire Damaged Home In Watertown

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Our Advanced Equipment And Techniques Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Fire Damaged Home In Watertown It is common to experience bad odors in your property after a fire incident.

Why SERVPRO Relies On Advanced Techniques During Fire Damage Odor Removal In Watertown

It is common to experience bad odors in your property after a fire incident. The type or strength of the odor depends on the kind of materials consumed by the fire. Fires involving synthetic materials like plastics or natural ones such as proteins leave a bad stench all over the property, even in sections unaffected by the flames. We offer professional cleanup and deodorization services to restore your Watertown property to its preloss state. Our IICRC certified FSRT, Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians, utilize different techniques to achieve this.

The process of fire damage odor removal in Watertown involves different steps. Identifying the source of the odor is crucial before taking other steps because as long as the source is present, any other deodorization measure is not likely to work. Burnt residues produce most of the odor. Our SERVPRO technicians remove all unsalvageable materials from the house and clean salvageable ones eliminating most of the odor sources.

The smoke residues deposited in different parts of the house can prolong the presence of bad odor in the house after the blaze. Because heat opens up pores in materials and some of the particles of smoke residue are tiny, they reach deep into materials. The selected method of cleaning or deodorization must reach these residues to be effective. Our SERVPRO technicians are skilled in different deodorization procedures including fogging which allows the deodorizer in vapor form so that it can penetrate the material just like the smoke residues causing the odor.

Sometimes, the agents causing the odor might not be visible. This outcome is common in grease or protein fire. In such cases, cleaning the entire property helps remove all residues left on surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians focus attention close to the source of the fire first. In case of a grease fire, we do a thorough cleaning to the stove, vent hood, countertops, vent filter, cabinets, walls and ceilings in the kitchen. After finishing with the areas close to the source, we proceed to the rest of the house.

With help from SERVPRO of Jefferson County, it is easy to eliminate bad odors. You can reach us at (315) 777-8377 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO, Fort Drum Fire Damage, and Your Insurance Adjuster

1/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO, Fort Drum Fire Damage, and Your Insurance Adjuster Fort Drum Properties, Fire Insurance, and SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

Insurance Claims to Pay for Fire Recovery in Fort Drum Homes

Whenever your Fort Drum home suffers a fire, you want to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are hoops that you must jump through to obtain the approval of the home insurance claims that you might file in a situation like this. However, there are easier ways to obtain the necessary documentation and evidence that your adjuster requires to process the claim to get restoration and cleanup started on your property quickly.

From the moment that the first responders have left your Fort Drum property, you get your first look at the fire damage from a distance. While your first instinct might be to contact your insurance company directly, it might be more beneficial for you to reach out to our SERVPRO team before that. NO, IT IS NOT!  Get your insurance adjuster on the scene with a phone call. We can arrive quickly after you call with the tools and personnel to perform a thorough assessment of the damage to your home and catalog these damages for use in determining an estimated cost for restoration.

Our SERVPRO estimator can take photographs of damaged areas of your home to collect with the documentation to show evidence of the extent of the fire effects throughout your house. As you have already contacted our restoration team to begin this vital assessment of the property, we can begin mitigation work at this time to protect your home and its contents from further damage before the full restoration costs get approved by your insurance provider. The caveat here is if you sign off on the work order. We often communicate and coordinate with your adjuster prior to beginning the cleanup and restoration.

We work closely with the major and local insurance companies servicing our area to provide our customers with a seamless transition between our mitigation steps and the full restoration of their fire-damaged properties.

While you might not expect a disaster like fire to affect your home, you can help to ensure that the restoration process happens quickly by calling our SERVPRO of Jefferson County rapid response team right away. You can reach us 24/7 by calling (315) 777-8377.

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SERVPRO Can Restore Your Fort Drum Home After A Fire

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO Can Restore Your Fort Drum Home After A Fire SERVPRO experts can ellimniate fire odors after you suffer a fire.

How Smoke Odor Spreads Through Fort Drum Homes

While many homeowners might find themselves preoccupied with the state of their Fort Drum home after a fire, the other effects that you cannot readily see can be equally problematic. Odors from a fire are often among the hardest to remove, and why it takes specialized equipment and specific training for qualified professionals like ours to eliminate permanently. Smoke odors cannot get concealed with a stronger smell, as it often gets embedded into materials, fabrics, and the air.

Fire odor damage can spread quickly throughout your Fort Drum home both during and in the days after a fire. This odor can move far beyond the combustion areas to provide a challenge for homeowners still living in the home to endure. Many fire damage situations are small and localized, but overcoming this noxious odor then becomes a priority for those still exposed to the harsh scent every day.

The smoke from a fire can spread throughout your home through many different avenues. Often the HVAC system plays the most significant role in moving this odor from one location in the house to another, but this also posits residue, soot, and debris inside of the ductwork in between all of these areas. Our experienced SERVPRO technicians have the equipment to effectively remove buildup and sediment from the ductwork to help this system slow its spread of the odor.

Our industry-leading equipment such as our thermal foggers release a dense chemical compound and can help to deodorize open areas of your property and break apart foul odor molecules on contact. This equipment is also safe to use on softer materials and textiles throughout the property, making it an excellent choice to deodorize carpeting, clothing, drapes, furniture, and other structural elements.

Overcoming fire damage odors in your home is not something that homeowners can do on their own. Our SERVPRO of Jefferson County rapid response team has advanced technology to remove smoke and fire odors, along with the residue and damage that they cause quickly. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (315) 777-8377.

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Have You Ever Wondered if You Could Prevent Frozen Pipes in Waretown Homes?

1/6/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Have You Ever Wondered if You Could Prevent Frozen Pipes in Waretown Homes? When frozen pipes burst, water damage can result. Contact our team at SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Identifying Frozen or Freezing Pipes in Watertown Homes

As a Watertown homeowner, you can appreciate the threats to your property when the winter months set in and temperatures drop significantly. Freezing water pipes can pose damaging situations for your house if not addressed in time, and part of that fast reaction to the situation revolves around you understanding when this potential problem exists. Knowing what to look for and when can help to limit the damage to your property when a water line bursts inside your house.

If you have already had a pipe burst in your Watertown residence before, you can appreciate the need for a fast response to get professionals there immediately to begin the water removal process. The more materials that become exposed to the spreading water, the more potential tear out and reconstruction that can become required. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly to the situation, as we are a team of experienced professionals available to our customers 24 hours a day.

Identifying problems with the pipes before ice damming and over-pressurization allows for bursting and splitting can be critical for any homeowner in the area. The problem is, many homeowners do not know that they have under-insulated areas of their indoor plumbing without them freezing first. On especially cold evenings and days throughout the winter months, visual inspections of exposed pipes can help to show which points show crystallization which can indicate the onset of freezing water inside.

Another method for identifying a problem is a noticeable drop in water pressure, or a foul odor emanating from the drains. You can reduce the present pressure to blockage by shutting off the main supply valve to your home and working quickly to thaw out the affected areas of the pipe.

Once our SERVPRO professionals arrive at an emergency break, we can work to remove the excess water and begin drying the area quickly. We can also take this opportunity to identify potential problem areas with the plumbing to prevent future breaks.

Freezing pipes are an ever-present threat for area homeowners throughout the winter. While identifying the issues early can save damaged plumbing, our SERVPRO of Jefferson County water restoration specialists can work quickly to preserve your property once a break occurs. Give us a call today at (315) 777-8377.

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Watertown Property Owners Can Count on SERVPRO for Water Loss Cleanup and Restoration

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Watertown Property Owners Can Count on SERVPRO for Water Loss Cleanup and Restoration Watertown Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Protecting Plumbing While You Are Away from Watertown for the Winter

The winter and even early spring can bring about severe temperature drops. Remaining mindful of the effects of freezing temperatures can help to protect your home and its belongings from substantial damage when pipes that get exposed burst. Worse than this, many homeowners are far away from their properties during the long winter months, leaving them unaware of damages that could occur when at risk plumbing components dam up, build pressure, and disconnect or burst.

While no one wants to pay someone to periodically monitor their property for any sign of danger, there are ways that you can keep your Watertown property from widespread water damages while you are away from your home for the season. Neighbors and relatives can check on your house at regular intervals to ensure that they do not notice anything out of place. Your municipality can also help you by shutting off your water to the house while you are away, allowing you to drain the lines and prevent the possibility of plumbing damages.

If water damage does get discovered at this time, it does not mean that your time away in likely warmer weather has to come to a halt. Our SERVPRO professionals are available 24 hours a day to offer effective mitigation and restoration solutions for customers in our area. Even without you being at home, upon formal agreement, we can get to work quickly on restoring your home and could have it back to its original condition before you even return from your extended travels to warmer climates for the winter months.

Our SERVPRO trained technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to monitor moisture levels in wall cavities, flooring, and in ceilings that are hidden from view. We employ FLIR camera thermal imaging, moisture meters, and sensors for this purpose. This identification helps to direct our fast-drying equipment like heated air movers and dehumidifiers to prevent the need for demolition. Our goal is always to preserve and restore, and not remove and replace.
Disasters can happen at any time, even when you are miles and miles away from home. Our SERVPRO of Jefferson County rapid response team can help with effective solutions that can restore your home fast, "Like it never even happened."We are available 24/7 by calling (315) 777-8377.

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Smoke and soot cleanup

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Smoke and soot cleanup Soot on a tongue and groove ceiling during cleaning

Smoke and soot is very invasive and can penetrate various cavities within your home, causing hidden damage and odor. Our smoke damage expertise and experience allows us to inspect and accurately assess the extent of the damage to develop a comprehensive plan of action.  

Smoke and soot facts:

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.
  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by pipes to go from floor to floor.
  • The type of smoke may greatly affect the restoration process.

Different Types of Smoke

There are two different types of smoke–wet and dry. As a result, there are different types of soot residue after a fire. Before restoration begins, SERVPRO of Jefferson County will test the soot to determine which type of smoke damage occurred. The cleaning procedures will then be based on the information identified during pretesting. Here is some additional information:

Wet Smoke – Plastic and Rubber

  • Low heat, smoldering, pungent odor, sticky, smeary. Smoke webs are more difficult to clean.

Dry Smoke – Paper and Wood

  • Fast burning, high temperatures, heat rises therefore smoke rises.

Protein Fire Residue – Produced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire

  • Virtually invisible, discolors paints and varnishes, extreme pungent odor. 

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage?
Call Us Today – 315-777-8377

How To Inspect for a Shower Leak

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Inspect for a Shower Leak Discovering a bathtub leak early in your Watertown,NY home can save time and money

4 Steps Home Inspectors Take to Look for Bathtub and Shower Leaks

When buying or renting a home in Watertown,NY, don’t forget to inspect for a bathtub leak. Spending the time to do a thorough check of the home for water damage can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. From tiled showers to enclosed shower bathtub units, many of the ways to check for leaks are similar. Here are four simple steps home inspectors take to look for bathtub and shower leaks.

  1. Check surrounding areas for water damage. Stained baseboards or ceilings, rusted tacks holding down carpet or loose bathroom floor tiles are all indicators of a shower pan leak. Another quick trick is to push a finger into the baseboards or surrounding grout to feel for any give. Ideally, they should be hard, nonporous surfaces and provide no movement.

  2. Examine crawl spaces beneath bathrooms. If your house has a crawl space or basement, be sure to look for black wood dripping with water, as that is a sure sign of a bathtub leak.

  3. Let your suspicious nature run free. An old pan, a fresh coat of paint, or an unused shower could all be signs of a leak that may not have been properly sealed. Note the age of the home and consult with the owner to find out the last time the shower pan was replaced.

  4. Inspect a tiled shower stall. A loose threshold into the shower can be a sign of a shower pan leak. Vertical or horizontal cracks in the tiled wall or tile separating from the wall can lead to leaks due to water spraying from the showerhead directly into the cracks.

Water damage in your home can be frustrating and costly. Your local water damage repair and restoration specialist can help you get your home back to normal. Discovering a bathtub leak early can save you time, money, and hassle.

Commercial Buildings Need Protection After a Fire

12/2/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Commercial Buildings Need Protection After a Fire Commercial building fire damage in Adams,NY

Before the fire, the building was the center of a thriving business. It was alive during the day, and there was an active security presence during the off hours. Then came the fire. Today, the building is dark and an invitation to the kind of trouble that a security fence could prevent.

Unsecured, Unoccupied Buildings Invite Trouble

Your commercial insurance company will help with the costs related to the fire. However, with an unsecured building in Adams,NY, you can’t expect them to help with the costs of

  • Theft.
  • Vandalism.
  • Damage caused by squatters and other unauthorized occupants.

You need to secure the building by installing a security fence. Your insurance company may even help with the cost of the fence as part of the settlement. Speak to your adjuster and see what is possible. Your fire restoration specialists can help arrange for its installation.

Unsecured, Unoccupied Buildings Invite Accidents
Unoccupied buildings are magnets for children and teenagers. They don’t necessarily mean any harm, but their curiosity gets the best of them. An unoccupied, burned building is especially dangerous. If there is an accident and a someone is injured, you have a serious liability problem. Without a fence, a judge might rule that you did not try hard enough to keep unwanted trespassers out.

Unsecured, Unoccupied Buildings Invite Squatters, Homeless or Drug Dens
If trespassers move in, the risks are substantially higher. The possibility of another fire is also substantially higher because they may light fires for heat or cooking. You don’t want this type of settlement or the problems they bring to your commercial property.

Install a Security Fence for Your Peace of Mind
You’ve already had the fire. You don’t need any of these other problems. Install the fence, and you will never wonder what’s going on in your building. Of course, there are always people who will find a way to get in, but at least you made a bona fide effort to secure the property.

Top 3 Benefits of Completing a Commercial Mold Inspection

12/2/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Top 3 Benefits of Completing a Commercial Mold Inspection Mold on commercial wall in Carthage,NY

Mold Inspection

Because buying property is a serious financial investment, you should complete a thorough building inspection before purchasing any commercial building in Carthage,NY. An extensive property evaluation may help you identify a variety of potential issues, but some problems, such as mold damage, may be well hidden and difficult to discern. For this reason, incorporating a professional mold inspection into your building assessment may help you better gauge the overall health of the property.

1. Identifying Moisture Concerns

Moisture is a key ingredient for mold growth. A mold inspector can help you detect both moisture concerns and areas possibly susceptible to mold problems. Examples of potential areas of concern may include the following:

  • Roof flaws that may result in leaks
  • Leaking pipes
  • Foundation cracks that may allow water seepage
  • Cold zones prone to condensation buildup

2. Recognizing Signs of Water Damage

Mold is also adept at hiding behind walls and under flooring. To help prevent mold contamination, saturated building materials such as carpets, drywall and insulation should be promptly removed and replaced after a flood or significant leak. Completing a mold inspection may help you recognize signs of past water damage that may not have been properly addressed:

  • Stained ceilings and walls
  • Corrosion or rust around pipes
  • Warped or buckling floors
  • Presence of a musty odor

To detect hidden mold, the mold inspector can use specialized tools to investigate behind walls and other problematic areas without causing structural damage to the building.

3. Conducting Specific Mold Tests

Conducting mold tests can also help the inspector identify the presence of significant mold growth. Air testing can, for example, identify specific types of airborne contaminants, while surface testing can help you evaluate any visible mold you encounter.

Many business owners may not be eager to purchase a building that has a mold problem requiring extensive mold remediation. Completing a mold inspection on a prospective property can help you identify hidden mold as well as areas susceptible to mold growth, which may help you determine if the property is a wise financial investment.

3 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home for a Storm

11/15/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 3 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home for a Storm Storm damage to home in Carthage,NY

Steps To Help Minimize The Chances Of Flooding

Being in the path of a severe storm in Carthage,NY, can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to think about your safety, but you also have to consider the damage that your home might sustain from flood water. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to help minimize the chances of flooding or other issues.

1. Check Your Gutters

Your gutters are one of your home’s main ways of preventing water from leaking into your home. However, they likely won’t work properly if they aren’t clean. Leaves, sticks and other debris can get stuck in the gutters, which can lead to water damage in your home. Double check that they are clear before it starts raining. Additionally, check for damage to your gutters so you have time to repair them before the storm hits. This will reduce the chances of a flooded building.

2. Inspect Trees Around Your Home

Flood water isn’t the only thing you need to look out for when preparing for a storm. If you live in an area surrounded by trees, then you should consider having your trees trimmed before the storm arrives. Trees that still have a lot of leaves on them or have particularly heavy branches are more likely to fall due to heavy wind and rain. Furthermore, you might see branches that already look like they are about to detach and fall, which should be removed immediately.

3. Do Your Homework

Sometimes, even when you do everything right, there is nothing you can do to prevent flood water from entering your home. Finding a storm damage restoration company beforehand can help relieve stress if your home winds up needing repair. It’s also a good idea to keep important phone numbers in a safe location. If you do not evacuate, have an emergency kit and be prepared for an extended time without power.

It can be helpful to take these steps when you know a storm is headed your way. Ensure your gutters are clear, your trees are trimmed, and you are prepared with emergency items. These things can reduce water damage, stress and danger during a storm.

Were Here to Help

10/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Were Here to Help Floor where there was a small furnace fire in Water Town.

Do you ever get tired of calling places and getting an answering service or voicemail? You won't with us! We understand that disasters don't have scheduled hours.

We adhere to our 1-4-8 guidelines. 

1- Within one hour from the first notice of loss, a SERVPRO Professional will contact you to arrange for service.

4- Within four hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO Professional will be on-site to start mitigation services (if necessary).

8- Within eight business hours of on-site arrival, a verbal briefing of the scope will be communicated to the appropriate person.

Exceptions may apply under certain conditions, such as a local catastrophic event or storm situation. 

Whether it's 8pm or 3am we're Here to Help! 

What You Should Know About Gas Leaks in Your Home

10/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What You Should Know About Gas Leaks in Your Home Soot Covered Furniture from a Gas Fire in Watertown, NY.

Fires from natural gas can occur suddenly and can result in a lengthy restoration process. If you suspect a gas leak in your home in Watertown, NY, there are various steps you can take to prevent a gas fire.

1. Preventative Steps

There are several ways you can prevent gas leaks from occurring, which can ultimately save you the stress of dealing with a fire. Prior to purchasing any appliances for your home, make sure you understand how they work and which signs could indicate a malfunction. Frequently check your appliances to ensure that there are no dysfunctions that could cause a leak. If you do have an issue with an appliance, it can be smart to have it professionally checked.

2. Signs of a Gas Leak

You cannot prevent a gas fire without knowing the most common signs of a natural gas leak. An unpleasant smell, often described as rotten eggs, is one indicator that you may have a gas leak in your home. Additionally, a whistling noise is sometimes heard near the gas meter when there is a leak.

3. Action To Take If You Suspect a Leak

If you suspect a leak in your home, it’s important to turn off any appliances that could result in a fire. To keep gas from building up, make sure your home is well-ventilated by opening any windows and doors. Even with these precautions, spend as much time as you can out of your home to avoid the negative health effects of breathing in the gas you suspect is leaking.

If you believe that your home may be experiencing a gas leak, it’s essential to do what you can to prevent a gas fire or a gas explosion. Once you have taken the necessary steps to protect yourself and your home, it can be helpful to work with restoration professionals who can fix the leak and ensure the safety of your home.

Flood Damage 101 for Commercial Property Tenants

10/16/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Flood Damage 101 for Commercial Property Tenants Flooded Apartment Building in Watertown, NY

Severe storms and flooding in Watertown, NY, can cause massive damage to commercial properties. As a tenant, you may feel confused and helpless in the aftermath of a flood that has wreaked havoc on your place of business. Should you ever have to go through the highly unfortunate situation of dealing with severe commercial property flood damage, you likely already know you need to reach out to your renter’s insurance provider.

There are three more steps you should immediately take:

  1. Call your landlord or property management company to inform them of the situation.
  2. Start tracking the expenses you incur during this time. Your insurance may possibly reimburse some of these costs.
  3. If it is deemed safe by the authorities to enter the property, take pictures of each room and make notes about the extent of damage incurred.

Who Covers What?

Commercial flood damage can feel overwhelming. When you are a tenant, you may not know off the top of your head who should be responsible for covering what. Unless your lease specifies otherwise, structural damage is typically covered by the property owner’s insurance coverage, while the contents of the property are usually covered by the tenant’s renter’s insurance policy.

It may not be possible to continue operating your business after it floods. You will need to determine whether it is better to shift into a new, temporary space during cleanup, or put everything on pause until you are able to move back in. Check with your insurance agent to see if any of these costs are covered.

Moving Forward

When you file a claim with your insurance company, they will likely send out an adjuster to determine the extent of damage done to the interior and exterior of your commercial property. You’ll also want to ensure a professional cleanup crew in Watertown, NY, is called in to clean up, dry out and sanitize the area, as well as uncover any hidden areas of flood damage.

Flooding is no fun. However, if you follow these steps, you can simplify the process and utilize your renter's insurance to guarantee a quick, smooth return to business as usual.

Heavy Storms and Mold Damage

10/16/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Heavy Storms and Mold Damage Fort Drum Home with Mold Damage.

As you know, this year has been especially wet with the constant storms and flooding. We've seen an unprecedented amount of water and mold damages.

The rain just keeps coming!

One way that you can help prevent these from happening in your basement is to keep an eye on your sump pumps. Sump pumps do fail, and when they do it can have devastating consequences. It is also important to be sure that your homeowners insurance will cover a loss if your sump pump fails. If you notice your sump pump is not working and you have water coming in to your basement, please give us a call so we can minimize the damage and get your structure dry to prevent mold growth. We can help you make it "Like it never even happened."

Where Does Mold Grow?

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Mold Remediation Where Does Mold Grow? Mold on drywall paper and studs after a water damage in Carthage, NY.

Mold grows on organic matter. Anything that is organic in your Carthage, NY, home has the possibility of having mold growth when it gets wet.

Where does mold grow?

  • Dry Wall Paper
  • Wood floors
  • Wooden Windowsills
  • Window frames
  • Books
  • Old paper brochures, menus, etc.
  • Curtains
  • Carpeting
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Wooden furniture

Keeping these items dry after a water damage is critical to keep mold spores from beginning their growth cycle. The spores are already in your home as "settled spores" but they are harmless in this state. The spores need time, organic material, and warm temperatures to begin growing. Unfortunately, your home has everything mold needs to grow and it can become a big problem in just 48 hours.

SERVPRO of Jefferson County has the training and certifications to clean up your home after mold damage.

Water Damage: Three Important Facts

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Water Damage Water Damage: Three Important Facts Water loss in a Watertown,NY home

You may be worried about water damage if you recently experienced a pipe burst in your Watertown,NY, home. Such situations can cause flooding and other issues but try not to panic. Instead, learn about the following three facts, so you can be prepared for any future problems that arise.

1. Damage

When water enters your home, it can damage many different structures. However, the severity of the damage can vary widely. There are three recognized classes of water damage:

  • White or Category 1 Water Damage: This is clean water.
  • Gray or Category 2 Water Damage: This is often waste water.
  • Black or Category 3 Water Damage: This is considered contaminated water.

Category 3 damage is urgent and requires quick cleanup, while Category 1 water is not contaminated, but still requires rapid cleanup. A broken water line that leads to a pipe burst typically will only result in Category 1 damage as long as the matter is quickly addressed.

2. Restoration

Taking advantage of remediation services is not always just a practical move. In cases where you are dealing with complicated damage, such as when white water is left to sit for too long, a service may be necessary. Most trained workers will arrive on the scene quickly, assess the damage and take measures to restore your property.

3. Salvage

You may think that the random valuables around your home cannot be saved after a water damage incident. This is not always the case. Technicians such as those mentioned above can typically help you remove certain furniture and personal items and may even offer move-out assistance to help you preserve items before they get damaged. Most professionals also understand that your keepsakes are precious and may attempt to restore photographs and other mementos.

A pipe burst at home is never fun, but understanding the issue at hand helps. If you put an action plan into place, you have a better chance of returning to normal life sooner rather than later.

Leaky Pipe, Now What: How to Temporarily Fix Small Leaks to Avoid Business Interruption

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Commercial Leaky Pipe, Now What: How to Temporarily Fix Small Leaks to Avoid Business Interruption Commercial warehouse space suffered water damage in a Adams, NY home

A broken pipe can interfere with your business’s operations, but depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to temporarily fix a leaky pipe, pushing off official repair until the close of day.

1. Shut Off Water

Before repairing a small leak, you may want to ensure that the water to the affected area is shut off, this allows you to work with a relatively dry surface and can help calm the initial panic of stopping the running water. You can turn off the water locally to avoid disrupting your entire business or, if you fear potential flooding and it makes you feel secure, you can turn off the water main.

2. Epoxy Putty

Once the water is off and the area is dry, you can use epoxy putty to perform basic water repair by filling in any holes or sealing any leaks. You can do this by cutting off a good chunk of putty and, using a putty knife, spreading it over the area. You may want to wear protective gloves to avoid contact with your skin. After the putty has cured/dried thoroughly, you can turn the water back on and check for any leaks.

3. Repair Clamps

If you do not feel comfortable using the putty, or if there is a crack in the broken pipe, then you may want to use a pipe repair clamp. These clamps come in a variety of sizes and are most likely available in any local hardware or home improvement store. The clamp slides over the crack and then, upon tightening the small bolts on the opposite side, provides pressure and ideally stops the leak.

4. Call a Professional

Whether your temporary fix works or not, you will likely want to call a local plumbing specialist in the Adams,NY , area to resolve the issue for you. While the above temporary fixes are good for the short term, they are by definition temporary.

The suggested repairs above can temporarily stave off any business interruption due to small leaks from a broken pipe, but you will likely want to seek out a more permanent solution in your off hours.

What To Do When Sewage Backs Up Into a Bathtub

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Storm Damage What To Do When Sewage Backs Up Into a Bathtub Flood damage in a Fort Drum, NY office

If water backs up into your bathtub when you flush the toilet, you are likely dealing with a blocked sewer line. You may be able to resolve a bathtub backup on your own using a plunger or auger. If the sewer backup is serious or flooding is occurring, you should call a plumber as soon as possible.

1. Identify Where the Blockage Originates

The best way to identify whether the stoppage causing a backup is on your side or in the city sewage lines or main is to check the sewer drain cleanout. If standing water is present or the cleanout is full, the sewer backup likely originates in the city main or lines. Contact the city utility provider and try to mitigate the problem in your home. If the cleanout is dry, the blockage is between the cleanout and your house. Take measures to clear the clog or contact a plumber.

2. Block the Tub Drain and Use a Plunger or Auger

If the blockage is on your side, you may want to try to clear it. Cover the tub drain to prevent sewage from rising up while you plunge or use an auger. This can increase the amount of pressure and help to clear the obstruction. You can also use a cleanout fitting with the auger to attempt to work your way through the obstruction.

3. Call a Plumber

If you cannot clear the backup on your own and you know that it is in your lines, you should contact a plumber. Avoid making the problem worse while you wait for service.

You may be able to clear a minor bathtub backup in your home in Fort Drum,NY on your own. If you are dealing with a severe sewer backup or flooding, you should rely on the expertise and specialized equipment of plumbing and sewer damage restoration professionals.

Keeping Your Bathroom Mold-Free

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Mold Remediation Keeping Your Bathroom Mold-Free Mold found in bathroom closet in Watertown, NY

You always want to keep your home free of mold as much as possible. The bathroom can be one of the primary breeding grounds for the fungus. By nature of its function, a bathroom is constantly filled with moisture, and this can create bathroom mildew. If it’s not properly cleaned and maintained, this can turn into mold that damages your bathroom and can spread to other areas of your home. Keeping your bathroom mold-free can be a tedious task for homeowners in Watertown,NY , and a professional company may be needed to help you navigate your best course of action.

Where Do Mold and Mildew Grow?

Bathroom mildew, and subsequent mold, can form in various parts of your bathroom. Here are some common areas where you will find these things growing.

  • Bathtub
  • Shower tiling
  • Floor tiling
  • Grout
  • Sink
  • Toilet

These common areas should be cleaned regularly with specialized products that are designed to break down the mildew and mold and leave the spaces dry and clean.

What Causes Mildew and Mold?

In areas where there is a lot of moisture, there can be a humidity problem, which can cause mildew and mold to form. Both are a type of fungus, and while mildew may be considered less of an issue than mold, you should do your best to prevent both from growing.

How Are Mildew and Mold Prevented?

There are a couple ways you can prevent mold from overtaking an area like your bathroom. One is by keeping the space as dry and as clean as possible to eliminate environmental conditions where bathroom mildew thrives. Another course of action would be to use a swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler. This is a cooling unit that works to cool the air by evaporating water, so you achieve both less moisture and cooler air conditions.

If you have a humidity problem in your bathroom, mold and mildew may develop. Contact professionals to address the underlying issue and get rid of the fungus.

Do You Need Security Fencing After a Commercial Fire?

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Fire Damage Do You Need Security Fencing After a Commercial Fire? Fire damage in a tunnel in Carthage, NY

When you've had a fire at your Carthage, NY, place of business, there's a lot to consider once the blaze has been put out. You'll need to call your insurance company as well as consult with a reputable fire restoration company about cleanup and damage repair. But what about security? You'll want to talk to them about setting up a security fence around your building. Putting up fencing after a fire is a smart idea for a number of reasons.

1. Keep Out Looky-Loos

Increasing building security with fencing keeps looky-loos away, and prevents them from potentially injuring themselves on your property. The last thing you need at this point is a lawsuit from someone who's hurt himself while snooping around. Fencing also keeps curious people from inadvertently causing more damage to the property.

2. Theft and Vandalism Prevention

When you've got a security fence in place, you've essentially created a barrier to thieves, vagrants, and vandals. An unsecured building can attract looters or people looking for a place to sleep. Seeing a sturdy fence makes it much less likely that someone will to try to get in. Added options like barbed wire will make an attempt next to impossible.

3. Protection from Wild Animals

Security fencing can help keep larger wild animals, such as raccoons, skunks and possums, as well as stray cats and dogs, out of the building. Quick action to set up fencing can easily take care of a problem that might end up costing you much more time and money down the road.

4. Insurance Compliance

Your insurance company will expect you to take every possible measure to secure your commercial property after a fire, including putting up security fencing. If your property is left unsecured, you may have a tough time filing a claim and getting reimbursed for cleanup, repairs and lost work time.

In addition to taking steps to clean up the damage and effect repairs, it's important to have a sturdy security fence in place around your building, both for the added protection provided and for your peace of mind.

The Phases of Storm Safety

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Storm Damage The Phases of Storm Safety Air mover´s ready for any storm damage in Adams, NY

Every region has its own storm season, and the area around Adams, NY, is no different. While you cannot guard against everything that might happen during a storm, you can develop a few habits that will leave you better prepared to face the next rain storm that hits your commercial property.

Severe Storm Season

When storm season approaches, start thinking about how you are going to keep your business and employees safe. There are several things you can do to prepare:

  • Roof inspections to identify weak spots or troublesome debris
  • Tree trimming to minimize the chance that branches will be torn off by high winds
  • Lightning rod inspection to ensure that they are installed correctly
  • Employee training to inform them about emergency procedures

The sooner that you start preparing for the first rain storm of the season, the more likely it is that you can minimize the damage it causes.

Severe Storm Watch

The National Weather Service may issue a severe thunderstorm watch. As soon as this watch is announced, make sure that the people to whom you have designated certain duties, such as shutting down operations, making head counts and alerting emergency services, are aware that their actions may be needed soon. It is also a good idea to send out an email to let everyone know that storms are possible and to remind them of the safety plan.

Severe Storm Warning

Once the severe storm warning has been issued, it is time to put your plan into action. Sound the alarm in your building to let everyone know that they need to head to the designated safety area. This area should be an interior room that is far away from windows and skylights. High winds can cause glass to break, which is a danger to anyone in its path.

If you plan ahead, a rain storm doesn't have to catch you by surprise. With preparation and a solid emergency plan, you can weather storm season and its effects on your building.

3 Keys To Managing a Toilet Overflow Situation

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Water Damage 3 Keys To Managing a Toilet Overflow Situation Flooded basement in Watertown, NY

Many people have heard that unmistakable sound of water splashing to the floor and turned to see the unwelcome waterfall of a flooded toilet. There are efficient ways to manage the cleanup and get the system restored to proper functionality. The key to reducing sewer damage is to remain calm and act quickly.

1. Shut the Water Valve Off

The very first thing to do is to shut the valve off that goes directly to the toilet. It’s located behind the bowl and under the tank. That should stop the water from continuing to flow. If you don’t see a valve, open the tank and find something to support the float ball in the open position. If neither of these methods prevents water from continuing to fill the bowl, then you are probably dealing with a clogged sewer line and a plumber should be called immediately.

2. Attempt To Unclog the Drain

Keep a plunger and rubber gloves on hand for such occasions. A plunger with a flange creates a better seal and provides the suction needed for quick removal of debris. If the clog is stubborn, you may want to try a snake that’s specially designed for the curves associated with a toilet’s plumbing. If neither of these devices works, you will need to call a sewage company in Watertown, NY, to come and inspect the lines.

3. Clean Up the Mess

Once you’ve stopped the overflow, you should take immediate steps to keep the sewer damage from expanding further. If you’re lucky, the overflow only involves clear liquid. If that’s the case, then put towels or rags down or use a mop to keep it from seeping into flooring and drywall. Use items you can discard after use. You can clean the area thoroughly with warm bleach water after you’ve fixed the clog.

If the damage is more extensive, you may want to call in a sewage company in Watertown, NY, to disinfect the affected area and remove badly contaminated materials, such as carpeting, insulation, or drywall. Sewer damage can promote mold and disease when not properly taken care of.

Commercial Mold Remediation Guidelines

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Commercial Commercial Mold Remediation Guidelines If the answer to each of these questions is “yes,” the remediation plan meets the mold standards recommended by EPA and IICRC guidelines.

By the time you smell the distinctive musty odor, you have lost half the battle. Water damage or moisture has sparked the growth of black mold in your commercial building and left unchecked, the insidious fungus can do massive damage. Clearly, immediate steps must be taken to secure the property. The only question now is what sort of guidelines or mold standards for cleanup should you follow in Watertown, NY?

Make a Plan

There are no federal rules that a commercial property owner must adhere to when it comes to mold clean up, but the EPA provided broad guidelines in the 2008 brochure Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings. First and foremost, it is important to assess the scale of the issue and form a remediation plan. Any strategy for cleanup and repair should follow these principles:

• Identify and fix the water or humidity issue.
• Communicate with employees and/or other building occupants.
• Clean up mold and dry all water-damaged areas.
• Select appropriate cleaning and drying methods and tools.
• Remove mold-damaged building materials.
• Arrange for professional help, as needed, from restoration specialists in [City, State].

If professional help is required, it is important to hire a firm and/or technician accredited by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC’s own mold standards require a written assessment and detailed action plan. All black mold must be eradicated by use of EPA-approved fungicides.

Follow the Plan

The EPA brochure also provides tips for preferred cleanup methods and removal and disposal of affected building materials. Pages of guidelines for such are included, along with a simple checklist to determine if the remediation plan has been a success:

• Has the instigating water/moisture issue been addressed and repaired?
• Have all materials affected by mold been thoroughly cleaned of the fungus and/or removed and replaced?
• Does the site visually appear mold-free with no signs of water damage?

If the answer to each of these questions is “yes,” the remediation plan meets the mold standards recommended by EPA and IICRC guidelines.
For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROjeffersoncounty.com/.

How To Protect Your Home From Lightning

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Fire Damage How To Protect Your Home From Lightning A lightning fire in Watertown, NY, is a rare, but possible occurrence.

What happens when lightning strikes a home in Watertown, NY? About 6,300 homes are struck each year without a resulting house fire. However, an additional 4,300 strikes each cause a residential lightning fire. Learn how to keep yourself and your home safe during this unpredictable, menacing weather event.

How Do I Protect Myself During a Storm?

When the weather turns bad outside, it is tempting to go about your normal business inside of the house. When you hear thunder, however, there are steps you should take to protect yourself and reduce the risk of lightning fire:

• Stay inside of your home, away from windows and doors. A good rule of thumb is to wait 30 minutes after you hear the last of the thunder to resume normal activities.
• If lightning strikes your home, it could cause a power surge. As a precaution, keep your distance from televisions, computers and other electrical devices. Do not take baths or showers, wash dishes or do laundry. Cellular phones are safe to use.

What Actions Do I Take If My House Is Hit?

If your house is struck, you will hear and feel a powerful boom. If you suspect the bolt has made contact with your home, take the following steps:

• Quickly check the health and safety of all family members and pets.
• Leave your home immediately if there is fire or smoke.
• Call 911 and report it, regardless of whether you see a fire. The fire department can determine if your home is safe.
• Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent, as damage is likely covered under your policy.
• Call a fire restoration specialist to assess your home. Even if a large house fire did not occur, there may be hidden damage in your roof or attic that could lead to further troubles down the road if not repaired promptly.

A lightning fire in Watertown, NY, is a rare, but possible occurrence. By taking proper precautions during a storm and following correct procedures after a strike, you can keep your family safe and minimize the damage to your home. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROjeffersoncounty.com/.

Rising Above Flood Damage

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Storm Damage Rising Above Flood Damage These basic cleaning requirements help you set the stage to successfully rise above the damage caused by floods.

When flood conditions affect your home in Watertown, NY, it is essential to deal with the damage immediately. All it takes is 1 inch of water to create unhealthy conditions, so addressing contaminated materials is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, whether it is carpet, household objects or furniture, if you have a flood to clean up, the same set of cleaning requirements can be followed. Therefore, after calling your insurance company and taking pictures of the conditions, you can be ready to tackle the job by following the steps below.

1. Remove Standing Water

Using protective clothing and eyewear, and tools that are safe in and around wet conditions, remove as much standing water as possible. Not only does this allow for further cleaning to take place, but you are eliminating a prime breeding ground for microorganisms such as mold, bacteria and even viruses.

2. Dry, Dry, Dry

Once the standing water has been reduced, the area and everything in it must be dried out. Fabrics and upholstery need to be addressed immediately and can be put in the sun or dryer, or taken to an appropriate cleaner. Photos, paper and books need more time to dry, so find a breathable yet sheltered area for storage. These cleaning requirements, if followed thoroughly, can save precious items and reduce the possible growth of allergens.

3. Disinfect and Clean

Due to possible contaminants in the water after a flood, clean all surfaces and objects with diluted bleach or another approved flood disinfectant. Remember, make sure the area in which you are working in is well ventilated. Cleaning agents like bleach have fumes that are harmful when inhaled over time.

These basic cleaning requirements help you set the stage to successfully rise above the damage caused by floods. Though the professionals in Watertown, NY, will take care of any structural issues in your home, you can be the first responder to your emergency. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROjeffersoncounty.com/

5 Steps for Filing a Water Damage Claim

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Water Damage 5 Steps for Filing a Water Damage Claim Returning your home to normal after water damage involves more than just drying everything out or filing an insurance claim.

Effects from storms can be devastating. Water damage in Watertown, NY, can be difficult to recover from, but filing an insurance claim may help. Here are five steps to take in the process:

1. Review your policy. After a storm, make sure you review your policy regarding what is covered under your insurance. This might not answer all the questions you have, but it may give you a starting point.

2. Call your insurance provider. Always phone your insurance provider right away to ask any additional questions you might have. Is this covered? How does one file an insurance claim? How long will it take to process? Please don’t be shy about asking questions. Your insurance specialist is there to help you through this.

3. Photograph the damage. One thing insurance adjusters may ask for is photographic evidence of any results from the storm. You might be required to submit photos as part of the process.

3. Fill out forms. If you need to file a claim, your insurance company will send you forms within a specified time frame. Filling these out and returning them in a timely manner can help avoid delays.

4. Prepare for the visit. After the paperwork is filed, an insurance adjuster may need to see the damage. Have a list of all items lost or broken ready to show the inspector. You may also want to have a list of where all the damage from the flood or pipe burst is in order to make things easier.

5. Make repairs. Some damages may be too severe for you to handle alone, but if possible, make temporary repairs to prevent further incidents from occurring. For example, a pipe burst can be temporarily fixed to stop more damage until a professional can see to it.

Returning your home to normal after water damage involves more than just drying everything out or filing an insurance claim. When you contact restoration specialists for help in Watertown, NY, you know everything will be expertly taken care of as the cleanup and repairs are completed. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROjeffersoncounty.com/.

What Counts as Secondary Damage?

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Commercial What Counts as Secondary Damage? If your commercial property has experienced water damage, you should immediately take action to limit the extent of the secondary damage.

Determining whether damage is primary or secondary can pose a challenge. In a commercial property with water damage, primary damage is only caused by exposure to water, while secondary may range from black mold to other issues caused by water or high humidity. Here are five types of secondary damage.

1. Corrosion: Many parts of a commercial property, from building materials to fixtures, are made out of metal. Corrosion can affect HVAC components, pipes, or studs. Over time, corrosion may lead to costly structural or utility repairs.

2. Rot: Organic materials such as wood may rot as a result of water damage. Limit the extent of this damage with thorough drying and dehumidification. Rotted building materials may undermine structural integrity.

3. Mold: Mold is a common result of water damage that can start to develop within 48 hours of water damage. There are many types, including black mold, all of which result from damage that is not addressed in a timely manner. Prevent mold by quickly removing all standing water and thoroughly drying areas affected by water damage.

4. Electrical problems: Water can damage every essential system in a commercial property. Water in electrical sockets or other components can undermine the power in the property or cause dangerous malfunctions. Commercial restoration experts can help to ensure that the lights are safe to turn on and restore water-damaged appliances and devices.

5. Damaged materials: The line between damage from primary and secondary causes can be vague. Water damage that goes untreated may cause more extensive damage to materials that is secondary. These contents may need to be replaced.

If your commercial property in Watertown, NY, has experienced water damage, you should immediately take action to limit the extent of secondary damage. Whether you are worried about black mold or any other type of damage, you should contact a commercial restoration company. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROjeffersoncounty.com/.

Mandatory Items for Your Company's First Aid Kit

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Storm Damage Mandatory Items for Your Company's First Aid Kit After an emergency, be sure to replace any items that were used from each first aid kit. Then contact a local restoration company to fix the damage.

It's impossible to know when a disaster will strike your business, so it's important to be prepared at all times. As a business owner, nothing is more important than the safety of your employees. To ensure their safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires businesses to have a first aid kit available to their workers at all times. Be sure to place it in a central location and hang a sign so it can be easily located. The following items are required for each kit.

Medical Equipment

• A few small gauze pads (4" x 4")
• Two large gauze pads (8" x 10")
• Adhesive bandages in various sizes
• One roll of gauze bandage (2" wide)
• Two triangular bandages
• A wound cleaning agent (moist towelettes or saline solution)
• Two elastic wraps
• One roll of adhesive tape

Employees should be trained in the proper use of this medical equipment for both minor and extreme injuries. An annual first aid training seminar is recommended.

Other Items

• A pair of scissors
• A pair of tweezers
• Resuscitation equipment (resuscitation bag, airway or pocket mask)
• One or more blankets
• A few pairs of latex gloves
• A splint
• Directions to request emergency help

These items in your first aid kit can provide additional support and cleanliness in an emergency situation.

Number of Supplies Required

This simple emergency kit is appropriate for three to four employees. If more employees are present at the worksite, more supplies are required. As a simple rule, divide the number of employees you have by four, and that’s how many kits you need at that worksite.

When You'll Need It

Emergencies such as fires, floods, or severe storms are common in Watertown, NY. The supplies in the kit can help provide assistance to employees injured during these disasters until medical help arrives.

What Next?

After an emergency, be sure to replace any items that were used from each first aid kit. Then contact a local restoration company to fix the physical damage to your worksite, which can help you get back to work as soon as possible. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROjeffersoncounty.com/.

Dirty gutters could mean water damage in your Watertown home!

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Water Damage Dirty gutters could mean water damage in your Watertown home! Water can cause damage in all areas of your home!

SERVPRO® of Jefferson County would like to remind everyone that being proactive is the best way to prevent damage. And even though it is one of the more time consuming chores, keeping the gutters around your home in good shape can greatly reduce the chances of a water damage disaster.

  1. Clogged gutters can result in basement flooding, roof damage, erosion and foundation damage. Regularly check and clear the gutter system around your home to ensure there are no problems.
  2. Fixing loose gutters can also mitigate damage. Loose gutters will allow water to flow along the roof which can affect siding, doors, windows and foundation.
  3. Splash blocks are important as they direct the water away from the home. Without a splash block the water can build up around the foundation of the home and cause flooding and mildew.

Hopefully, by checking out the gutter system in your home you will be able to stop disaster before it begins. But if, by chance, something does happen, SERVPRO® of Jefferson County's water damage technicians are here to help 24/7. Call us at 315-777-8377

Heavy rains bring the possibility of water damage

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Storm Damage Heavy rains bring the possibility of water damage Water from heavy rain can quickly move into your home

Flooding and water emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. SERVPRO of Jefferson County provides emergency restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays.

Faster To Any Size Disaster

Flooding and water damage is very invasive. Water quickly spreads throughout your home and gets absorbed into floors, walls, furniture, and more.  SERVPRO of Jefferson County arrives quickly and starts the water extraction process almost immediately. This immediate response helps to minimize the damage and the cleaning and restoration costs.

Need Emergency Service? Call Us 24/7 – (315)777-8377

Water Damage Timeline

Within Minutes

  • Water quickly spreads throughout your property, saturating everything in its path.
  • Water is absorbed into walls, floors, upholstery, and belongings.
  • Furniture finishes may bleed, causing permanent staining on carpets.
  • Photographs, books, and other paper goods start to swell and warp.

Hours 1 - 24:

  • Drywall begins to swell and break down.
  • Metal surfaces begin to tarnish.
  • Furniture begins to swell and crack.
  • Dyes and inks from cloth and paper goods spread and stain.
  • A musty odor appears.

48 Hours to 1 Week:

  • Mold and mildew may grow and spread.
  • Doors, windows, and studs swell and warp.
  • Metal begins to rust and corrode.
  • Furniture warps and shows signs of mold.
  • Paint begins to blister.
  • Wood flooring swells and warps.
  • Serious biohazard contamination is possible.

More Than 1 Week:

  • Restoration time and cost increase dramatically; replacing contaminated materials and structural rebuilding may be extensive.
  • Structural safety, mold growth, and biohazard contaminants pose serious risks to occupants.

About SERVPRO of Jefferson County

SERVPRO of Jefferson County specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Planning for disaster

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Commercial Planning for disaster Local large building that had a pipe break on the 4th floor.

How quickly your company can get back to business after a blizzard, fire, or flood often depends on the emergency planning done today. The regular occurrence of natural disasters demonstrates the importance of being prepared for any emergency. While each situation is unique, your organization can be better prepared if you plan carefully, put emergency procedures in place, and practice for all kinds of emergencies. 

The following are basic measures business owners and managers can take to begin preparing. A commitment to begin planning today will help support your employees, customers, the community, local economy, and even the country. It also protects your business investment and gives your company a better chance for survival.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan.
Your organization’s risk needs will vary depending on the specific industry, size, scope and location. Begin by reviewing your business process flow chart, if one exists, to identify operations critical to survival and recovery. Carefully assess your internal and external functions to determine which staff, materials, procedures and equipment are absolutely necessary to keep the business operating. You should also establish procedures for succession of management.

Review Insurance Coverage.
Inadequate insurance coverage can lead to major financial loss if your business is damaged, destroyed or simply interrupted for a period of time. Insurance policies vary; check with your agent or provider about things such as physical losses, flood coverage and business interruption. Understand what your policy does and does not cover. 

Prepare your Emergency Plan.
Your employees and co-workers are your business’ most valuable asset. Communication is central before, during and after a disaster. Include emergency information in newsletters, on your company intranet, in periodic employee e-mails and/or other communication tools.

Practice the Emergency Plan.
Some disasters will require employees to leave the workplace quickly. The ability to evacuate workers, customers and visitors effectively can save lives. If your business operates out of more than one location, establish evacuation procedures for each individual building. If your company is in
a high-rise building, an industrial park, or even a small strip mall, it is important to coordinate and practice with other tenants or businesses to avoid confusion and potential gridlock.

Secure Your Facility and Equipment.
Install fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and detectors in appropriate places. Secure all entry and exit points and plan for mail safety. Plan what you will do if your building, plant or store is not usable. Secure valuable equipment.

Improve Cyber Security.
Protecting your data and information systems may require specialized expertise, but even the smallest business can be better prepared. Use anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date. Don’t open e-mails from unknown sources. Use hard-to-guess passwords. Protect your computer from intruders by using firewalls. Back up your computer data and download security protection updates known as patches regularly.

Information provided by ready.gov

4 Steps to Protect Your Business From Fire

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 4 Steps to Protect Your Business From Fire Fire damage in a commercial building in Carthage, NY

A fire can devastate your business.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to take steps to reduce the likelihood that a preventable fire will break out. You may also want to train employees or occupants in disaster preparation to limit losses from fires that start in other units or surrounding buildings. Here are four fire preparation steps you can take to protect your business.

1. Make sure the property is built with fire-retardant materials. The materials out of which a commercial property is built can impact insurance premiums. These materials may also impact the way that fire suppression systems are set up. You should also factor in whether structural additions or contents are potentially combustible or resistant to fire.

2. Frequently perform fire drills and train occupants on fire safety. Make sure that all employees and occupants of the building know what to do in case of fire, and post evacuation maps in strategic locations. You may also want to schedule fire preparation training that covers how and when to use fire extinguishers.

3. Regularly test extinguishers and fire suppression systems. Install fire extinguishers in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and have them regularly inspected. The supplier of the fire suppression equipment in your building can recommend a testing method.

4. Schedule a fire hazard analysis. A commercial property can become imperiled by fires that start in other units or neighboring buildings. Have a trained professional perform a fire hazard analysis to further reduce the likelihood that your building will sustain extensive damage.

Taking these four fire preparation steps should reduce the likelihood that a fire will start in your business. If a fire does start and damages your commercial property in Carthage, NY, you should carefully document evidence of damage and loss and contact a commercial fire damage restoration company.

Generator Safety Tips

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Generator Safety Tips Be prepared when a storm comes your way!

If you have a generator on hand for power outages during severe weather storms, follow the safety tips below from the American Red Cross:

1- Never use a generator, grill or camp stove, or other gasoline, propane, natural gas, or charcoal-burning devices inside a home, garage, basement, crawl space, or any partially enclosed area.

2- To avoid electrocution, keep the generator dry and do not use in rain or wet conditions. Do not touch the generator with wet hands.

3- Opening doors or windows and using fans will not prevent carbon monoxide (CO) buildup in the home. Although CO can’t be seen or smelled, it can rapidly lead to full incapacitation and death.

4- Even if you cannot smell exhaust fumes, you may still be exposed to CO. If you start to feel sick, dizzy, or weak while using a generator, get to fresh air immediately.

5- Install CO alarms in central locations on every level of your home or property and outside sleeping areas to provide early warning of accumulating carbon monoxide.

If your home or business suffers from any type of storm damage, call SERVPRO of Jefferson County and we will send a professional out to assist with getting your property back to its original state as soon as possible!

Eliminate Smoke Odor Post-Fire Once and For All

5/17/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Eliminate Smoke Odor Post-Fire Once and For All Burned end table after a home fire.

Odor Remediation in Watertown, NY

Dealing with a house fire may be one of the worst things you have to go through as a homeowner, so when the Watertown, NY, fire damage restoration team has come and gone, it can be like a breath of fresh air. Or is it? Unfortunately, you may notice some residual effects of the fire long after the last technician has packed his or her bags and left your home. One such effect is a smoke odor. The good news is that cleaning up smoke damage doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you implement a few tried and true smoke cleaning tips:

• Air out your home.
• Replace the air filter.
• Clean the HVAC system.
• Deep clean your home.

Air Out Your Home

The best thing you can do to reduce the risk of a linger smoke smells or to get rid of embedded odors is to air out your home. Open the windows and doors if it’s nice outside and turn on the fans. If it’s cold outside, you may need to face a fan inwards to force air into a single room with an open window or door.

Replace Your Air System’s Filter

You can deep clean your home as thoroughly as possible, but if you turn on an HVAC system that’s filter is contaminated with soot and odors, all your smoke cleaning efforts will have been for naught. Replacing the filter is a quick, affordable and efficient way to reduce the risk of lingering smoke smells.

Clean Your HVAC System

Smoke can permeate duct work and linger in the HVAC system, just waiting for the moment that you turn it on. Make sure that your system blows nothing but clean air by thoroughly cleaning within it.

Deep Clean Your Home

This final step may be the most difficult, but it is the most important. Steam clean your carpets, furniture and draperies. Wipe down any solid surfaces with white vinegar, dish soap and warm water. Finally, wash any windows, screens and shades to ensure that a cool breeze doesn’t turn into an odor-infested one.

At-Risk Items for Mold Growth in Your Home

5/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation At-Risk Items for Mold Growth in Your Home Black Mold Growth

Believe it or not, your home is a ticking time bomb for mold growth.

A number of items can quickly turn into havens for the growth, which turns into mold damage that may do lasting harm to your Watertown, NY, home. When faced with mold and mildew growth, awareness is the best form of prevention. But how can you prevent what you can’t see?

Know Which Items Are at Risk

The best way to keep mold damage from taking over your home is to keep a sharp eye on items that are frequent breeding grounds for various types of mold. These items include:

• Wood and drywall walls
• Wooden flooring
• The undersides of laminate and vinyl flooring
• Windowsills and window frames
• Paper screens
• Books
• Old paper brochures, menus, etc.
• Curtains
• Carpeting
• Furniture upholstery
• Wooden furniture frames and backing

This may seem like the entirety of your house, but the common factor here is that all of these things are organic. Mold feeds on organic matter and can take root and grow on just about anything. With mold continuously active and present as spores in the air around you at all times, it’s less a matter of if mold will strike and more a matter of when.

So What Makes Mold Grow in Your Home?

Organic matter alone isn’t enough to trigger an explosion of mold growth. For mold damage to occur, you need to also have a moist environment. That means if you watch out for leaks, drainage issues, humidity, and excess moisture, you can often stop mold from proliferating before it starts. If you’re already seeing a mold problem, you may need mold remediation services, but don’t let that stop you from doing everything you can to keep mold from spreading. Air out and dry out your home to facilitate a mold-free environment.

IICRC certified firm

5/17/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Jefferson County is an IICRC firm.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) creates the standards for the restoration industry and provides training and certification to restoration companies. IICRC Certified Firms have the right to display the IICRC Certified Logo.

IICRC Certified Firms must

• Present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with honesty and integrity.

• Require a technician on all jobs who has been formally trained and passed all required tests.

• Require a continuing education program to keep technicians up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.

• Maintain liability insurance to protect all parties in the event of an accident.

• Maintain a written complaint policy and agree to Better Business Bureau or similar arbitration to resolve disputes, and accept the conclusions and recommendations of arbitration.

The IICRC Develops The Standards For The Restoration Industry

The IICRC has been the driving force in establishing the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and mold remediation. These IICRC standards take years to develop and require the coordination of experts in the field: manufacturers, industry organizations, insurance professionals, training schools, contractors, and public health professionals.

Every five years, the standards are reviewed and updated. The water damage restoration field changes rapidly with advancements in technology and science, and therefore the standards must evolve to keep pace.

North Country Residents: Follow these mold safety tips if you suspect mold

5/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation North Country Residents: Follow these mold safety tips if you suspect mold Be careful! Without proper training, you could be spreading mold. New York State now requires a license to perform mold remediation.

If you see visible mold, do not disturb it.

You can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your home. When mold is disturbed, the mold can release microscopic mold spores which become airborne and can circulate inside your home.

What to Do:

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Jefferson County for mold remediation services.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

About Our Mold Remediation Services

SERVPRO of Jefferson County specializes in mold cleanup and restoration, in fact, it’s a cornerstone of our business.  Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today –315-777-8377

Oh the floors we clean!

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Oh the floors we clean! Before (bottom) and After (top). Years and years of wear and dirt build up.

This is a photo of a floor our crew recently cleaned. The bottom (before) shows years of traffic, dirt, and wear. The top (after) shows that they were able to successfully clean the floor with our high powered roto machine. A little elbow grease sure goes a long way. Our clients were extremely happy with the way this public bathroom looked when we were fully finished.

It's very important to keep up on the care and cleaning of your flooring, no matter what type, and no matter if it's business or residential. We can help you do that! From carpeting to tile and grout we can do the dirty work for you. If you have any questions about products or procedures we use please feel free to give us a call! 315-777-8377

Renters Insurance Importance

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Renters Insurance Importance Antique headboard during the restoration process

Many apartment complexes and landlords do not yet require renters insurance. It's absolutely vital to have renters insurance in place to cover the loss of your belongings should you experience a water or fire damage. Without insurance you will be faced with the daunting task of replacing your household goods, or having them restored out of pocket. Renters insurance is really quite inexpensive when you think about how much it actually covers, and if something were to happen, it will save money on replacement costs. While we try to help in any situation where a renter unfortunately does not have insurance, we are limited to the services we can provide at that time.  Call one of your local insurance agents today for a quote!

We can save your floors!

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage We can save your floors! Floor mats hard at work

Have you heard that your laminate and hardwood floors will be ruined in the event of a water damage? We are lucky enough to have some awesome new technology to help everyone in the Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence county areas. They are water extraction mats that are specifically designed with the drying of hardwood floors in mind. If we get there quickly enough we have a very high success rate of being able to dry your hardwood floors with very little, if any damage. It's so much easier to restore original flooring that it is to replace!

They lay flat on the hardwood floor and the extraction hoses are then connected. This creates a great amount of suction that is able to remove water from underneath the flooring.

Mold, Mold everywhere!

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold, Mold everywhere! Mold can grow just about anywhere!

If you see visible mold, do not disturb it. You can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your home. When mold is disturbed, the mold can release microscopic mold spores which become airborne and can circulate inside your home.

What to Do:

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Jefferson County for mold remediation services.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

About Our Mold Remediation Services

SERVPRO of Jefferson County specializes in mold cleanup and restoration, in fact, it’s a cornerstone of our business.  Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely. We are licensed in NYS to perform mold remediation.

Also remember, just because mold is black in color does NOT mean it is the "infamous black mold".

If you see signs of mold, please call us today so we can guide you in the right direction–315-777-8377

It's that time of year again!

9/26/2016 (Permalink)

As much as we don't want to admit it, it's time to turn our furnaces back on. We know all too well that things don't always go as planned. Sometimes furnaces malfunction with what is called a "puffback".

The term furnace "puff back" refers to the sudden expulsion of soot into the dwelling area caused by a malfunction in the heating system. The soot from a puff back is a sticky, greasy, grimy mess that is second to none. It can also present a severe health hazard in the place that's supposed to be your haven- your home.

All of those minuscule, oil based particles embed themselves into curtains, carpets, and clothing while contaminating the air with known carcinogens. Running a vacuum over it only grinds the soot deeper and creates stains that will never come out. Wiping the soot from walls and ceilings creates a place where paint will no longer stick. Unless the soot is quickly and professionally removed, it can cause corrosion of metal on doorknobs, faucets, and even electronic equipment throughout the home. Because every inch of the home is affected, a puff back is an overwhelming job to clean properly.

This is where the SERVPRO team can help - you can trust SERVPRO to clean everything. We're your one stop shop for puff back and smoke damage cleanup in the Jefferson County area. 

New Technology

1/7/2016 (Permalink)

Have you heard that your laminate and hardwood floors will be ruined in the event of a water damage? We are lucky enough to have some awesome new technology to help everyone in the Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence county areas. They are water extraction mats that are specifically designed with the drying of hardwood floors in mind. If we get there quickly enough we have a very high success rate of being able to dry your hardwood floors with very little, if any damage.

They lay flat on the hardwood floor and the extraction hoses are then connected. This creates a great amount of suction that is able to remove water from underneath the flooring.


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